What does saving with Lootfeed do for you?

3 out of 4 Americans automate their savings.

Lootfeed helps take out the hassle of remembering to put money away into your savings.

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You are in charge of exactly how much you want to save.

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Why save with us?

Lootfeed helps gamers solve real-world issues while playing games. Currently, Lootfeed gamifies saving and saving for their subsequent purchases. Eventually, playing video games with Lootfeed will help gamers tackle problems like debt, student loans, retirement, finding the right charity to donate to, and starting an investment or crypto portfolio.

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Your safety is our top priority

Is my money safe using Lootfeed?
Yes. Rest assured that all money transfers are done through Plaid, a 3rd party connection that is secure & safe, and is held with a Lootfeed account.
Where does the money in this account go?
You money goes into your Lootfeed account, which is an FDIC-insured account that ensures that your money is secure & safe.
Am I getting paid to play? Am I paying myself?
Yes, you are paying yourself. One way to think of this is you are in an arcade - instead of giving your money away for each game you play, you are instead reinvesting in yourself.
Am I accruing interest?
Not as of yet, but we are in talks to add interest-bearing accounts for our customers shortly.

What gamers say about us

“It seems like a very innovative way to save money”


“I like the concept of saving money while I’m doing something I already do - playing games”


“I think I would feel less guilty about the time I spend playing a game.”


“This seems like a really fun way to integrate savings into leisure.”


“I use this because it makes saving a lot simpler and more convenient.”


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