Automatically save your money by playing videogames

Choose from 25 cents to $2 for every hour you play on Steam®. This savings rate is what we use to put money away for you.

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Hear all about it

Control your savings with your favorite pastime

Unfortunately, some of us can’t handle a $400 emergency expense. It feels like every year something happens, from pandemics to unforeseen bills. Nothing feels worse than not being about to afford something you need or want.

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Save money painlessly

Start playing your favorite videogames and watch your money pile up. The money will automatically be transferred to a savings account, from 25 cents to $2 an hour.

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Gaming with benefits

  • Works directly with your bank account to save better.

  • You can’t get paid to play, but at least you can reward yourself.

  • Marry your gaming hobby with a positive habit.

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So why Lootfeed?

Put spare change away, without thinking about it, towards your goals while you are playing. Now you can tell any non-gamer parents, partners, or loved one you’re gaming with a purpose.

You are going to play anyway, so why not save money while you do?

Start & Save Now

Connect to bank • Only $1 per month