Use your own gameplay to help you save your own money 🎮

Lootfeed lets you set your own hourly rate for every hour you play video games. Every week we move that total sum securely from your personal bank account into your own Lootfeed account. Currently available for Steam©

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Every hour you play equals money saved

1 in 4 Americans have no emergency savings. More than half of Americans couldn’t cover three months of expenses with an emergency fund.

As a gamer, you already spend time playing video games. Why not let that time work for you to remedy that?

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Stop juggling your money unsuccessfully

Even with a savings and checking account you can still have problems saving money.

Lootfeed works with your current bank to easily save more without worry, powered by your own gameplay.

Set Goals simply for piece of mind Coming Soon

Save for all your goals without a second thought and achieve them through your own gameplay. Awesome, we know.

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How Lootfeed Works

clockwatch and rate selection buttons

Choose your Rate

Choose from $.25 to $2 for every hour you play so you can “pay yourself” for each time you play video games!

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Our in-app connection is totally secure & helps to track how much you play your favorite games.

Link to connect to your bank

Connect Funds

Powered by Plaid, we securely sync with your Bank Account for automated transfers using end-to-end encryption.

Steam controller and stack of gold coins

Play to Save

Start playing and immediately watch your money pile up. Money is transferred weekly automatically.

What our users say about us

“I've always felt good knowing I have money being saved by playing video games instead of attempting to do it the old fashioned way.”


“Set a price point, & just start gaming! Went from gaming with nothing in savings to paying for my first down payment for a car! Simple & affective method to save money for whatever you need.”


“I was like, this seems interesting. I love everything in the realm of video games and I don't mind saving money.”


Our pricing is simple.

$1 monthly fee plus 1% per transaction$1Monthly fee1%per weekly transaction

Use your gaming hours to power-up your savings.

Securely save over time worry-free.

Use for your needs - from goals to buying more games.

Start earning while you play today

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